Macro Photo part 2!

I’ve been playing around with¬†macro photography lately, and today, I decided to try to make an angled approach the top side of a SSD.

In order to maximize image quality, I removed as much external lights as possble (read: dark room), and added my own light sources. I took a few sample shots at full auto (no flash) setting to get a rough idea of what the correct exposure was, then switched to manual mode and adjusted it slightly further. I ended up at 0.4s at f/2.8 (ISO 200). I wanted a consistent exposure setting in order to prevent the individual photos from looking too different. I also used a tripod, which is mandatory for this kind of photography. Continue reading

A new hobby: Photography

I’ve always liked how nature looks, especially skies in certain circumstances. I’ve often wanted to capture exactly what I see… but I’ve never really had the skill, nor the tools, to capture good pictures like that.

So now I’ve finally gotten around to reading up and experimenting a bit on this. I’m currently using a quite decent camera (Canon 550D), but it’s not mine, and other people use it frequently. It’s still a good start, though.

I’ve also gotten a hold of some software for editing images after capture.

You can take a quick look over at flickr to see my photos as I upload them. :)