September Update

I’ve finally gotten an Android phone (byebye Nokia), and to be frank, there’s so much Android (and probably iPhone) users can do with their phones which Nokia/Symbian users can’t. (At least not that easily..)

That aside, after a lazy month I’ve re-started my exercising program. This time with the help of RunKeeper. Tracking progress will be nice… and hopefully a motivation boost. :)  Since most my exercising will be tracked there, I’m discontinuing the “exercise” category on this blog; and if I post anything related to exercising, it’ll probably be in the health category, tagged appropiately.
My first tracked run was kind of disapointing; I held a good pace until about 1km in, where I just had to walk the rest of the way. I’m going to keep the pacing as-is, but reduce the length of the run next time. Rather go for 2x 1km w/ good pacing than 1x2km with poor pacing, right?

Weight has held steadily the past two months, might’ve lost another kg but hey, that’s okay. As long as I don’t end up underweight or anything. :)