Coding, Motivation

I need more motivation/willingness to code things, especially AO-related things.
The tower war tracker isn’t even half-finished yet, while the patcher is about 98% done – just need some fixing, and I need to get around to give vhab what he needs to provide the backend with This, again, relies on the aforementioned fixing. The map compiler is considered done, any further work is related to UI improvements and possibly further optimization for multithreaded work. Continue reading

Rift – heads up?

I started off with a Defiant Cleric on the European region, shard “Argent” (PvE-RP). I’m impressed by the UI, dynamic events and story line so far.
I’m less impressed by the fact that none of those I encountered on the RP server actually roleplayed. After figuring out that a cleric was not quite my playstyle, I decided to roll a new character; This time on a PvE server (Sparkwing). ┬áNow, which calling should I pick? I know I generally don’t like mages, so not going to try that right now. I’ve already tried cleric, so not that either. This leaves Warrior and Rogue. Continue reading