Coding core features

I’ve somehow slightly started on the scheduled coding spree, half a month early. I’m working on the core aspects of the code; The parts which makes a lot of non-connected events and data come together into a nice, clean interface for plugin developpers to interact with. The better job I do with the core aspect of the bot, the easier (and more enjoyable) it will be for people to extend its feature set.

I kind of figure that I shouldn’t really program any ‘directly usable features’ until all the core features are in place; Much because if I do implement a lot of features at this stage, any change to the core of the bot will involve lots of code change to the features which were prematurely implemented.

Todays most significant change is that plugins are now able to refer .Net and external libraries not referenced by default. To take a simplified example: The bot does not reference a MySQL library by default. This means no plugin is able to connect to MySQL databases without using unsafe code, which is not permitted for plugins.
With todays change, a plugin developer can attach the required MySQL libraries, then tell the plugin compiler to reference them when it does its thing. The plugin can then access MySQL databases.

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