Coding, Motivation

I need more motivation/willingness to code things, especially AO-related things.
The tower war tracker isn’t even half-finished yet, while the patcher is about 98% done – just need some fixing, and I need to get around to give vhab what he needs to provide the backend with This, again, relies on the aforementioned fixing. The map compiler is considered done, any further work is related to UI improvements and possibly further optimization for multithreaded work.

The GUI compiler seems to be working fine, not needing any more alterations. The planetmap viewer is still on the planning board, as I need some more data (the size of each and every zone in AO) to complete the map plotting algorithm. hasn’t even kicked off, because I need to finish writing a c# bot based on Vha.Net (by vhab) to collect data. While I’m at it, I need to make it modular enough to let me track tower data as well, so I can shut down the bots which were written from scratch (based on aochat.php) back in 2005. Once that’s all in place, I’ll have to figure out how to intrepet the shopping messages people send; Since there’s no generic format (just aproximate ones), it’s going to be tough.

Then comes the maintenance release of “Demoder’s Map Upgrades”, which let people easily see which map upgrades they’re missing and able to upload.

Once all that’s done, I’ll probably take the tower/shopping bot, take out the custom functionality, and write it more generic, plugging that code into bot# (a chatbot project by Iriche and me).

Oh, and let’s not forget I’m also planning to learn Visual c++, and work some on the AO-U version of clicksaver.

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