Sunday with Demoder

This week has been a blast!

Diet & Exercise

Diet’s holding up great! Keeping it at about 150g carbs per day, and keeping sugar alcohols to a minimum. Weight is holding stable. I’ve picked up the habit of walking the dogs at least once per day again. They really enjoy that; And I get some exercise as well.


There’s lots of great weather here lately, sunny with some clouds, not much rain at all. I’ve been enjoying myself outdoors, bathing in the sun. It’s almost incredible how much good weather can help when you’re in a bad mood!


I’ve taken only one photo this week, and it was more like a snapshot.


  • Refactored ChatCommandHandler so that permission checking, tracking of chatcommands are in separate classes, to keep code clean and neat.
  • Reimplemented services (now called ServiceRegistry), which will let plugins access specific functionality without having an existing reference to them. (Thank you Graft!) Also supports one-to-one and one-to-many calls. Example of a one-to-many call: The command !online can call a specific service and get information from multiple sources (say, the guildmanager and IRC relay) about who’s online, without knowing that these two plugins even exist.
  • Switched from SubSonic to CastleProject ActiveRecord. In order to keep things simple for plugin developpers, we had to make each BotCore instance be run in a separate AppDomain in order to utilize the ActiveRecord implementation. (Thank you Graft, this would not have been possible without you!)
    • This opened up a few neat possibilities. Now that we use separate AppDomains, each BotCore has its own “instance” of static members/classes. So we dropped passing PluginAPI as reference, and just have people use “API.Names.GetCharacterID(‘nickname’)” etc. Much simpler.
  • ChatCommand processing have been reworked. A chat command execution does not assume that an ingame character is performing it. This should allow the upcoming IRC module to enable ALL chatcommands to  be executed from IRC, without any extra hassle.
  • Reflection is cool, but it’s not always the best tool. Events such as “RegisterChat” (registers all chat instances), “RegisterPlugins” (which are now properly handled with OnLoad(object plugin) and OnUnload(object plugin)), and “NotifyReady” (signaled when the API is ready) now use interfaces instead.
  • Begun implementing an ‘alts’ system. This is basically a per-BotCore ‘account’, which have attributes (such as access level, and list of characters) associated with it.
  • Added support for per-dimension SuperAdmins; These are granted full access to all chatcommands in the BotCore, and should be treated as if they had console access.


I finished season 10 of JAG this week. I really like that TV series because of how they don’t overdo things. (except how Harm have crashed what, 6 Tomcats?) It’s a relatively balanced series, and I find it quite unique.

Seeing as I’ve seen all of Stargate SG-1 8 times, all of Stargate Atlantis 4 times, all the Stargate movies at least 5 times, Stargate Universe season 1 once (waiting for season 2), all of Babylon 5 twice, all of Battlestar Galactica, and… the list goes on. And no, not only Sci-Fi. There’s other things in there too.. Such as Sanctuary, Dresden Files, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Futurama and.. oh wait, I was not supposed to list it all. Okay, I’ll stop here, honest.

ANYWAY. To the point: I’ve now started watching “Married; With Children”. It’s kind of dull humour, but it helps me fall asleep. Much like Star Trek: TNG, and the LOTR movies. (I admit, the LOTR movies are technically superb and acting is quite good. But the story is just not for me.)


I haven’t seen any movies this week. A movie might be incoming next week.


I’ve tried Oblivion again this week, but as always, end up not playing it any more than a couple of hours; The story line and setting just isn’t something I like.

I’ve also tried Civilization 5. It’s quite nice to play, when you enable the “Historic Mod”, which basically slows down everything to a crawl like Epic, but enables faster building of units/structures. It lets you play more in a given time period, like Epic should’ve been in the first place. The default epic/marathon does a sweeping change on all ratios, just making it take longer to do everything. All you get to do, is to move units farther per period.

And I tried Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga. I kind of like, and kind of hate this game already. The UI needs improvements; It’s virtually impossible to figure out what you’re supposed to do, exactly. So far I like the story line, even though things start feeling a bit repetitive. Kill this to get to that place, where you will kill some more things.

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