Movie: The Neverending Story

Amazingly enough, I’ve never seen this movie before. So  it’s about time I saw it!

This movie is more of the classic fairy tale caliber, where the story is more important than the special effects. The special effects are not lacking; They’re actually quite fullfilling. You don’t realize they’re special effects because they fit in so nicely with everything; and that leaves a better impression in the end.

I’m not going to go into details on the contents of the movie, but I must say that the times the acting and arc wasn’t the best, the music definitely made up for it.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone who like (or used to like) fairy tales. If you by some crazy fluke of the space time continuum didn’t see this movie yet, you definitely should. You’re in for quite the trait.

PS: Don’t watch the trailer. Trailers always give away the good bits; And half the fun is not knowing what’s going to happen!

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