Coding, Motivation

I need more motivation/willingness to code things, especially AO-related things.
The tower war tracker isn’t even half-finished yet, while the patcher is about 98% done – just need some fixing, and I need to get around to give vhab what he needs to provide the backend with This, again, relies on the aforementioned fixing. The map compiler is considered done, any further work is related to UI improvements and possibly further optimization for multithreaded work. Continue reading

Demoder’s Patcher: restructure is progressing

Except today, I haven’t been programming on the patcher since 30th October.

Today, I finished one major part: Streamlining how the patcher deals with distributions. Basically, one piece of software (application, map or GUI) will be considered a distribution. A GUI may contain multiple components, such as xml files (located in cd_image\gui\) and texture files (located in cd_image\textures\Archives). Continue reading