Is the glass half full or half empty?

There’s a glass on the table. 50% of its total volume is filled with water. Is this glass half-full or half-empty?

I think: If water is still being added to the glass, it’s half full. Otherwise, the process of damping will make sure the water content in the glass will decrease, thus be half empty.The question has, in my opinion, hereby lost its philosophical use, as it’s completely solvable if you just consider the laws of physics.

Dragon Age: Origins: Maximized Windowed Mode & Anisotropic Filtering

I like playing games in windowed mode, preferably with the game taking up the entire screen.

When I set the game to windowed mode & resolution 1920×1200, some of the display area goes outside the edge of the screen, because this resolution does not account for the borders added by the window manager.

To solve this, you need to go to your documents, Bioware, Dragon Age,  Settings. Copy DragonAge.ini to somewhere safe, then edit it. These settings are for my GUI (Win7 with various default-available eyecandy):


If you want to enable Antisophic Filtering, try adding the following line in that section:

Replace nn with the level you want (1,2,4,8 or 16)

Online Poking

I randomly poke people I know, on the internet, from time to time. Some times I want to talk with them, other times I do it just for the sake of doing it. Some people think I have some special interest in them when I do this, others think  I *must* have a reason.. Because nobody does anything without a reason, right?

If you’re one of those that need a reason for everything, think of it as this: I recognize you exist.