September Update

I’ve finally gotten an Android phone (byebye Nokia), and to be frank, there’s so much Android (and probably iPhone) users can do with their phones which Nokia/Symbian users can’t. (At least not that easily..)

That aside, after a lazy month I’ve re-started my exercising program. This time with the help of RunKeeper. Tracking progress will be nice… and hopefully a motivation boost. :)  Since most my exercising will be tracked there, I’m discontinuing the “exercise” category on this blog; and if I post anything related to exercising, it’ll probably be in the health category, tagged appropiately.
My first tracked run was kind of disapointing; I held a good pace until about 1km in, where I just had to walk the rest of the way. I’m going to keep the pacing as-is, but reduce the length of the run next time. Rather go for 2x 1km w/ good pacing than 1x2km with poor pacing, right?

Weight has held steadily the past two months, might’ve lost another kg but hey, that’s okay. As long as I don’t end up underweight or anything. :)

Sunday with Demoder

This week has been a blast!

Diet & Exercise

Diet’s holding up great! Keeping it at about 150g carbs per day, and keeping sugar alcohols to a minimum. Weight is holding stable. I’ve picked up the habit of walking the dogs at least once per day again. They really enjoy that; And I get some exercise as well.


There’s lots of great weather here lately, sunny with some clouds, not much rain at all. I’ve been enjoying myself outdoors, bathing in the sun. It’s almost incredible how much good weather can help when you’re in a bad mood!


I’ve taken only one photo this week, and it was more like a snapshot.

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Rift – heads up?

I started off with a Defiant Cleric on the European region, shard “Argent” (PvE-RP). I’m impressed by the UI, dynamic events and story line so far.
I’m less impressed by the fact that none of those I encountered on the RP server actually roleplayed. After figuring out that a cleric was not quite my playstyle, I decided to roll a new character; This time on a PvE server (Sparkwing).  Now, which calling should I pick? I know I generally don’t like mages, so not going to try that right now. I’ve already tried cleric, so not that either. This leaves Warrior and Rogue. Continue reading

I no longer like sugar

Yep, that’s right.
I tasted sugar & some sugar replacement in mid-october. Both taste exactly the same imo.
Now, four months later, and being on a strict low-carb diet (<15g carbs a day) since then, I decided to try this sugar replacement again. It tasted terrible. I have yet to test actual sugar; As it's hard to keep it at <15g/day with sugar consumption, but yeah. I NO LONGER LIKE SUGAR! WOHOO!