The Sims 3 & Exercising

I’ve been playing The Sims 3, with all the expansions but the latest one (can’t remember what that’s called). I’ve built their home, told them what to do, trained their skills, and had them advance their career. They’re all smart, and have had one vacation during their entire lifetime.

They’re exercising regularly,  have a healthy day rythm, eat nice food, have monthly parties, and write books. They have an outdoors hottub which they love relaxing in… And so on and so forth.

Lately, I’ve been thinking “I should exercise even more than I do now” (I take daily walks, and some hard/slow situps in the morning). And, for some strange reason, whenever I think this…. My sims athletic skill will rise shortly afterwards. While I’m still sitting there, playing The Sims 3.

This game is too good, it’s having an impact on my health!! Or something. SO! I’m going to, really, extend the daily walks a little from now on. I’ll continue with todays regime of one medium (4km?) walk, one long (6km walk+jogging).. And add a 20 minutes interval jogging; i.e. jog till my pulse reach 180-ish, take a break till it’s down to 100… Then jog again. This should hopefully make me manage to jog/run further before having to take a break. :)

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