Morning Exercise

Today, I did 30 “slow/static” situps, 20 static leg-lifts, 10 “curls” and some stretching. Now, since I don’t know what these things are actually called, I’m going to try and explain what they are. Maybe someone will let me know what it’s called. :)

Slow/Static Situps:
Lie down, place your feet under some couch or have someone stand (gently) on them to hold them down.
Move your butt as close to your heels as you possibly can.
Place your hands on your forehead, in a relaxed manner; You’re not going to use them for balance.
Now start pulling your chest up by using your tummy mussels. Do this slowly; Preferably use 5s or more to get up to the “top” position. Don’t bend your neck too much; That’s just going to make it hurt, and it won’t actually help with the exercise.
Hold this top position for 5 seconds, then slowly release until your shoulders are touching the ground again.
Do this 5 times, then take a 2 minutes rest. Repeat 6 times.
You may want to do them straight-forward, left, right, left, right, straight-forward. This is to try and train some mussel groups which ain’t stressed as much when you do them straight forward.

Static leg lifts:
Lie down on the floor, preferably on top of an exercise mat (rubber mattress of some sort).
Now turn so you lie on your left side.
Lift your right foot as high up into the air as you can, and try to keep your knee from bending.
Hold the foot there for 10-20 seconds.
Let it down gently.
Take 10-20s pause, and repeat 10 times.
Turn to your right side and repeat the above with the left foot.

Lie down on some mattress, on your back.
Lift both your feet straight up (or as straight up as you can manage). Your chest should be moved upwards in order to keep balance. You should feel the tummy & hip mussels working.
Hold the feet in this position for 10-20s, before letting them down & taking a 10-20s break.
Repeat 10 times.

2 thoughts on “Morning Exercise

  1. Fun times.. This was all the exercise I did yesterday. I completely didn’t do any walking or jogging yesterday. Oh well. Today is the jog/run pause day (sunday), but still going to do the things which are mentioned in this post. :)


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